Will my Sjö product shrink?
The materials we use vary from product to product. Since many of them are made with at least some premium cotton, we always recommend washing your Sjö gear in cold water and hanging them out to dry. Cotton will only shrink from heat.
What is my Sjö product doesn't fit right?
Then lets get you the right size! Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Please check out our Returns and Policies page.
Is there a store where I can purchase Sjö so I don't have to pay for shipping?
We are in Orem, UT where you can pick up items. Please email us at sjostrandclothing@gmail.com before placing your order if interested in this option. We'd love for you to come by and meet us while saving on shipping costs! We also offer free shipping on any order delivered to Orem or Provo.
How can I become a part of Sjö?
We'd be stoked for you to become part of the chiller movement! Email us at sjostrandclothing@gmail.com with the subject title: "Sjo Team" and we'll get you set up!