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The new design on our t-shirt (above) is one that we are super stoked about. Originally the plan was to not share with anyone what it was, and just let people use their imaginations. However, the amount of people that have asked about it made us change our minds. So... here it is. 

We should first tell you about the design's creation. The design started as an idea in one of the owner's heads but unfortunately he has the art skills of a 3rd grader.  So we asked an exceptionally skilled artist to sketch it out for us. His name is J.T. Macedone. You can follow him and his artwork on Instagram @jhmtiii.  He sketched up the artwork and brought it back to see if that was what we had envisioned. It was perfect. 1st try.  It was exactly what we had wanted.  From that point on we began what was almost a year-long process of converting such a detailed piece of art into a vector image that could be printed on a t-shirt. Meanwhile, we wanted to make sure we found the perfect tee to compliment such a unique and masterful piece of art. Putting all the pieces together for this tee took a long time, but we couldn't feel more proud of the final result.

Now for the design itself.  Originally we had the idea of doing something with the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, which features an unfinished pyramid built under the Eye of Providence.  There is a ton of symbolism in this, which makes it such a cool piece of art.  One way to look at this is that America was built and shaped through inspiration and through inspired undertakings.  Whether you believe in that or not, the unfinished pyramid suggests a continuous work in building the society that allowed people freedom from tyranny and the right to pursue peace and happiness in their lives.  As we played around with using this Seal, the idea was brought up about re-creating the unfinished pyramid by using human hands.  The symbolism in that is that society is built by people, by us,  and our actions.  The hands represent the human element in building a better world to live in. It is by our own love and kindness towards others that the foundation of a beautiful society is created. If you look carefully you will see that the shape of the space in between the hands is the unfinished pyramid from the Great Seal. You'll notice that the shape of the pyramid is also not symmetrical, nor perfect. That is on purpose, as it symbolizes our ability to have incredible influence for good despite our own limitations and flaws.  

That is the story of our "hands" design, as people have been calling it.  We hope you love it, because it represents a lot of creativity and hard work to us.  What started as an idea, turned into a sketch on paper, and is now our hottest new product. Shout out one more time to the artist, JT.  

PS-The word Öde means "Destiny" in Swedish.  If you're confused about the Swedish influence, read the "About Us" section. 

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